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Professional Feedback

See What Other Professionals Say

‘The home do a really good job with the young person and have settled him really well. He speaks very positively about the staff.’
Independent Reviewing Officer

‘I have a good working relationship with the home; we make decisions together.’
Social Worker

‘Staff support [name of young person] well. They try to put in place achievable and realistic reward schemes. This has encouraged him to maintain and improve his behaviour. I also receive weekly updates. This has enabled me to track and manage the risk posed from a youth justice perspective.‘
Youth Offending Worker

‘Staff have really worked well to develop a relationship with (young person). They show consistency and put boundaries in place, which has benefited him.’
Social Worker

‘He has come a huge way from where he started.’

I feel the staff strive to ensure that the young people can speak to them about anything that may be worrying them’

‘They have been absolutely fantastic with him. Couldn’t wish for a better place for him.’

‘‘The home is proactive in ensuring that suitable transition support is in place for the young person. It is supporting the young person to build her independence and to take responsibility for her own actions in preparation for adulthood. The home has several visual prompts in place to support her to undertake tasks independently. The communication with me from the home is very good.’
Adult Team Social Worker

‘It is clear to see they are fond of the young person and responsive to his needs, which can at times be complex’
Social Worker

‘It’s a brilliant placement… my young person needed a safe space and they provided.’
Social Worker

‘really, really, pleased with this placement’
Social Worker

Since working alongside Halcyon, they have been amazing

I would recommend the placement to other local authorities

‘[young person] never used to attend education but the home got him back into education. They worked closely with the college to achieve this.’
Independent Reviewing Officer

‘It was a very well planned move, the manager did a lot of visits beforehand. This has been the most planned move he has ever had’
Social Worker

‘This is the longest he has been in a placement and the most progress that he has made.’
Social Worker

‘I think it’s brilliant. I have noticed that staff work well together as a team and ensure that the young people’s needs are met. In terms of their learning there’s been attachment and good lives training. The manager in particular has a really good history of working within trauma services. You can see how they really invest in the children. The children here are safe and they thrive in that safety.’

I am highly impressed by the quality of care they provid . All staff are nice and they show empathic understanding when behaviour declines. The home manager I may say is a very calm and understanding person. She listens to suggestions and act on it to improve the services being provided overall, I am confident that my child is in the right place. They are child focused and they listen to my child’s views and advocate well for them’

Quotes from Inspection Reports

‘The views, wishes and feelings of young people are central to the day-to-day running of the home. Key-work sessions and young people’s meetings take place regularly and allow young people to discuss all aspects of the home, their care, and individual issues relating to them.‘



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