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Therapeutic Care

Crystal Care Solutions operate five Specialist Therapeutic Children’s Homes across the North West. These homes vary in size from one to four beds.

Young People who are admitted into our Specialist Therapeutic Residential Service immediately commence a 26 week comprehensive assessment and treatment programme which is undertaken by our partner agency, G-Map Therapeutic Services. G-Map are the authors of the AIM2 Assessment and will commence an assessment upon the admission of a young person.

The application of the ‘Good Lives Model (a)’ and implementation of an ‘ICOPE’ programme (Incremental Community Opportunities Programme Experience) helps our Young People to learn and understand their own risks and supports them to work with staff to reduce risk and keep themselves safe.

Our staff teams receive weekly liaison sessions from a Senior Practitioner from G-Map who works with them to further enhance their skills in providing a therapeutic approach and to provide clinical supervision in relation to Risk Management and Risk Reduction. Alongside this, G-Map work with each homes’ Registered Manager to review and assess Risk Assessments and also provide weekly bespoke training sessions to meet the assessed needs of the individuals in placement. These sessions cover numerous topics including; Attachment & Trauma, Role of Observation, the Good Lives Model and Functional Analysis. These training sessions are bespoke to the Young People resident at each home.

Residential Care

Our dedicated teams ensure that a young person’s emotional needs and well-being are always at the centre of our practice.

Our paramount duty to a young person entering our care is to support them to feel safe. This is achieved through the provision of a stable living environment and laying the foundations of a trusting relationship with the staff team. We believe that in order for a young person to engage with us effectively, they should have an understanding of their starting point, options and the expectations upon them.

Through a consistent and fair approach we ensure that our young people are given the praise and encouragement needed to build confidence and self-esteem. It is our view that improved self-confidence is key to improved behaviour and motivation, and that any step in the right direction should be acknowledged. It is our hope that a nurturing and accepting environment will support young people to stabilise, to deal with past traumas and to develop the skills to live healthy happy lives.

We believe that residential care should provide children and young people with skilled support from committed staff, in a safe, caring and ordered environment.  We have a responsibility to ensure that children and young people in residential care are protected from abuse and neglect, and that care should form part of a range of services, all of which combine to meet children and young people’s needs and support their families and carers.

We have a great reputation for providing child-centred, high quality care for children and young people who display a variety of needs and behaviours. As such, any references are available upon request from various placing authorities we have worked alongside.

Therapy & Clinical Services

G-map is an independent organisation specialising in working with children and adolescents who present with inappropriate and harmful sexual behaviour. Crystal Care and G-map provide specialist integrated therapeutic care. G-map have adapted the Good Lives Model for use with young people and are the UK lead on the Good Lives approach.  The Good Lives model is a strength-based approach that conceptualises harmful sexual behaviour as an individual’s inappropriate means to meet core personal and social needs. It promotes managing risk through acknowledging the individual’s needs, goals and aspirations and working towards meeting these in safe and positive ways.  This is operationalised in practice between G-map’s and Crystal Care’s programme of reduced supervision, the Individual Community Opportunities Programme and Experiences (ICOPE).  ICOPE is an individually tailored incremental risk assessed programme based on continuous assessment, analysis, review and evaluation.  It assists young people towards safe social integration and increased independence.

The Good Lives model provides a framework for assessment, formulation and intervention planning and is used in conjunction with the models and techniques which demonstrate the greatest efficacy in reducing re-offending.  In line with current research G-map’s trauma-informed approach incorporates neuro-biological and attachment-based theory and techniques.

Each young person can experience our holistic integrated approach where care and therapy work cohesively together to encourage you people to engage, grow and positively develop. You can find more information on G-map on their website:


Care Leaving

We provide practical support and accommodation for young people, as defined by the Children (Leaving Care Act) 2000.

We provide semi-independent living options for individuals that are leaving care. We build a person centred package to individuals to provide a high standard of support in the community and a clear transition into adulthood through our Independence Programme.

We understand that The Care Act 2014 places a duty on local authorities to conduct transition assessments for children, children’s carers and young carers where there is a likely need for care and support after the child in question turns 18 and a transition assessment would be of ‘significant benefit’.

Our extended support can mean that individuals can stay with us past the age of eighteen in our Supported Living Provisions. We are very passionate about what we do and we want to give all young people and adults the chance to live on their own.

We provide Supported Living Accommodation and support for individuals who are leaving care and still need a level of support. Our service is available for sixteen to twenty five year old’s who are eligible, relevant or former relevant children.

We are different than traditional supported accommodation. Our service model means that we have small, homely provisions where staff ‘live in’ 24/7 to give the young people all of the support they require. The support is shared between all of the young people living in the house which they can access at any time without being time-bound. We offer flexible staff solutions to meet the needs of the young people where they may need a little bit of extra help. Our robust matching and impact assessments mean that we can tailor the support to the young people and give them the best possible start to becoming an adult.

We are thrilled that the Department for Education have released the Supported Accommodation (England) Regulations that Ofsted will be inspecting our provision from April 2024. We are proud that that we have been working with the Department for Education through the consultation process and also put ourselves forward for the Ofsted pilot inspections in the hope that we will be able to contribute to the implementation of the minimum standards.

Quotes from Inspection Reports

‘Managers and staff demonstrate a positive attitude to supporting and maintaining young people’s placements.’